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Living in a museum

I travel a lot for business, but of all the places I’ve been to, I must admit the New Guinea Islands (NGI) hold a soft spot for me. Tropical sunshine, warm crystal clear waters, superb fishing, lush tropical vegetation, white … Continue reading

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Interview with Dr Andrew Thaler

the program was fantastically rewarding, both for the students and the instructors As promised earlier, in celebration of our most recent publication, I ask a few questions to Dr Andrew David Thaler, lead author of the paper on Robots as vectors … Continue reading

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Robots as vectors for marine invasions and 5 guidelines to address this

A recent publication on “Robots as vectors for marine invasions” was compiled by a group of scientists from their experiences working with observation class micro-ROVs and the possible threats these new tools of the trade pose for marine conservation. It all … Continue reading

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Not for the dinner plate but for science

I always love a good fighting fish when not fishing off a hand line and I’ve had my share of memorable moments but this next catch that I am going to talk about here is one of the few moments that … Continue reading

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Solar Elcipse, Port Moresby

Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea was treated to a rare phenomeon this morning with a spectular Solar eclipse.

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Seabed Mining Update

Mining of precious minerals from the seafloor of Manus basin in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has recently been hot on the radar of this blog and on tweeter (for those who follow me @BomaiCruz) since the invitation to the licence granting … Continue reading

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Why Licensing of Solwara 1 project was deferred

For those of you who have been following the recent near licensing of deep sea mining in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and were wondering why it was deferred, here is the latest I have on the matter. There has been … Continue reading

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