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Prepping for fish talks

In Nadi, Fiji now, having arrived last night from Port Moresby . A part from the long flight into the heart of the Pacific, everyone arrived in good spirits and are well rested looking forward for tomorrow when the forum starts.

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Shark Week

Its #SharkWeek this week this week and while I cook up a new post to commemorate this occasion, lets start off with this picture

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Missing boat people rescued (an update)

Nine people reported to have been missing at sea in East New Britain waters, Papua New Guinea (PNG) have reportedly been rescued by a fishing vessel.  PNG’s local paper the Post Courier reported that the National Maritime Safety Authority had confirmed that fifteen … Continue reading

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Shark Calling Festival – New Ireland Province

Do a goggle search on the Shark Callers of Kontu, and you find a hand full of videos and two very brief reports that do not really talk about the traditional art of shark calling, but provide information on sharks … Continue reading

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Honest Opinions on Corruption in PNG

Allan Bird, a name synonymous to the East Sepik Provincial seat, much like counterpart Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare is to PNG politics and the only person who actually gives the Grand Chief a run for his money during election … Continue reading

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Making laws on the high seas: TED talk

Meet Kristina Gjerde, international lawyer and advisor to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet this wonderful woman and have an hour to sit with her and talk about … Continue reading

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Are seahorses REAL?

Ask any biologist why they chose biology and the 2 most common answers you’d get would be because they love animals and they love being out doors (although not usually in that order). Coming to think of it, the decision … Continue reading

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The deep can not be home for everyone

Send a surface mammal diving to the depths of the ocean and after a few meters it starts feeling the effects of the weight of the water and atmosphere acting on it. Make it dive down a little further and … Continue reading

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Mediterranean great white sharks came from Australia

Remember Bruce, the Great white shark with that good old Australian accent in Andrew Stanton’s 2003 movie Finding Nemo? Poor guy never knew his father and that was the first thing to come to mind when going through an article … Continue reading

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TAP-MAR week 4

Half way there and what better way to celebrate than to have the birthday of one of the participants at the end of the week.  Our Egyptian comrade, Suzan El-Gharapawy will be turning 27 this Friday. On behalf of the … Continue reading

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