BomaiCruz welcomes its second miniROV – Rastapis#2

I am pleased to announce the arrival of our second miniROV christained ‘Rastapis#2′. 

MiniROV (Rastapis#2) and accessories on display, ready for action

Our association with the development of these miniROVs go back almost a decade when under funding from Nautilus Minerals and in collaboration from our friends at Black Beard and OpenROV, we assembled students from the University of Papua New Guinea, University of South Pacific and participants from Tonga at Nago Island, Kavieng for a 3 week workshop finishing with building 6 miniROVs, one of which was ‘Rastapis 1’. More on the workshop can be found here

Our new unit is capable of diving to 100m and can run for 2 hours with live feed to the operator. This makes it far superior to any PADI certified diver. Furthermore, this unit can be transported in a backpack and launched off a dugout canoe making it a very versatile and economically viable option for use if there is a requirement for;

  • Marine/aquatic biodiversity surveys,
  • Submarine infrastructure integrity assessments
  • Searching for relics,
  • Environment Impact assessments,
  • And inspection of submarine tailings discharge to name a few.

We have a number of projects lined up and will start soon. Keep watching this space for more.



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