Mysterious light in the sky

Below is a picture taken from a mobile phone at 7 am, Thursday, 26th June, 2014. According tot he person who took the picture, the glow seemed to have a tail, was very bright and was stationary in the sky (well if it was moving, it was very slow).

The descriptions provieded so far tend to point to a comet. While internet searches does indicate that 5 commets will be passing by earth this month (June), none of these would be visible without a telescope. So what exactly could this unexplained light be?

Mysterious light in Port Moresby

Mysterious light in Port Moresby

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3 Responses to Mysterious light in the sky

  1. Dominik says:

    This is most probably a so called sundog, a style of halo.
    See wikipedia on it:

  2. Zachary says:

    I know i am very late for this post but This is definitely a sun dog, i saw one just a few days ago. Its caused by tiny ice crystals in the clouds. I would only be confused about this photo if there was no clouds but because it seems like a cloudy day with a bit of mist, i would agree that it is a sundog.

  3. BomaiCruz says:

    Thank you Zachary and Dominik for your comments. I shall do some research on sun dog and hopefully provide some sort of explanations in the coming days

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