Update on Missing Scientists

About a year and three months ago, a post on the case of five research scientists who had mysteriously disappeared in the waters of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea was reported on this blog. (see post) At that time the report too was a little over a year on.

missing scientists

Very little was done to locate the missing scientists since then because of monetary problems and the case was eventually shelved with nothing conclusive on the fate of the five scientists. That was until the beginning of the week when a wanted criminal on the run for a string of offences including escape decided to turn himself in to police.

With his surrender came reports that two of the five scientists might still be alive and are being kept in the jungles in the area. (see report). The two, who are believed to be the two female members of the team are believed to have had their lives spared and forced to marry and live with their captors.

If this were true then one can only imagine the ordeal they had to endure in the three years they were neglected by the government of PNG and forgotten for dead. To be abducted, then have your friends/workmates killed and forced into a bond that waas more a prison than a mutual bondage built on love and endure this everyday for three years.

This is courage worthy of no medal, strength that can not be measured and bravery that is second to even the best military units on earth today. I only hope that these reports are true and that these survuvors be found and returned to their families. Please find them alive!

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