38 yeard old, but still being told what to do

A deal was signed at 5pm on a Friday afternoon when most people were on their way to their houses for the weekend. The deal (can download copy here), Australia, closing its doors to immigerants who travel to Australia by boat (hereon referred to as ‘Boat People‘).

At the time of the announcement, it was said that the current detentions center/refugee camp on the island of Manus in PNG which currently houses 600 prople, will be extended to accommodate up to 3000 refugees only while they are being processed.

What many people in PNG did not know was that the deal that was suspiciously signed at 5pm on a Friday afternoon basically said Australia did not want any more refugees and so it will be sending everyone to PNG for processing and then sending on to other countries. Boat People will never enter Australia (read here)

What is so supprising here is that we are still debating the legality of a detention center in PNG, the very same institution Australia wants to expand. No body in PNG knew about this as it was signed at 5 in the afternoon, most Papua New guineans do not have internet after hours so are in a 48 hour black out until the next working week.


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