Prodigal Son Returns

When BomaiCruz was first set up some four years ago, I had it in my mind to use this blog to convey my experiences travelling the world and working with different groups of people.  I was supposed to be a log of my experiences.

A little later down the line I was asked by Andrew Thaler (currently, Dr Andrew Thaler) to merge my blog with under the new brand name of Southern Fried Science (SFS). Andrew had two other bloggers, Amy Freitag and David Shiffman blogging for him at SFS, with the inclusion of BomaiCruz, the SFS group grew to be a force in ocean blogging.

Unfortunately for me, I returned to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and took up work in the mountains so I was away from the seas and had nothing to blog about for deep sea science. Things started going down for all of us eventhough I would try to put up a post every now and then just to keep my blog active. I guess it came to a point where I did not want to admit it but the fact was that BomaiCruz was fading away.

Well, so much for that part of history. I have only recently ben offered a position to return to the ocean and as expected I came back screaming and shouting. Hell yeah, I am back and BomaiCruz will certainly be picking up momentum again in the coming weeks.

So sit back, relax, get those subscriptions refreshed and stay tuned for a new wave of BomaiCruz where we discuss Science the PNG way!



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