Map of Highlands Highway out of date

Please note that the map of the highlands highway passing through the Township of Goroka is out dated. I am not saying it is wrong but just that the image shown here is that of the old highlands highway going through Seigu, formerly known as the “Old Bena Road.”

The new highway turns left about a mile from the top left end of the air port and runs into the town running alongside the length of the air port all the way to its end before continuing on to the coast.

Also, if the road map was rotated 40 degrees to the south at Kifamu Mission then it would almost be consistent with the current road map. This would also see the feeder road branching from the main highway fall around where the Chuave back road is, running out from “Red Corner” in Goroka and running all the way around Ungai and back into the Highlands highway again at Chuave.

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