Contributions of the HeLa cell line to Science

Culturing of the HeLa cells led to the development of the Polio vaccine, our understanding of cancer and many viruses. Scientists even used them to understand the effects of the atomic bomb on human cells and also to study the effects of zero gravity on human cells.

In modern day science, the same cell line was involved in many research leading to cloning, gene mapping and invitro fertilization.

in reference to: Henrietta Lacks – Everything on Henrietta Lacks (information, latest news, articles,…) (view on Google Sidewiki)

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4 Responses to Contributions of the HeLa cell line to Science

  1. Margaret Anne Haskell says:

    I am a cancer survivor and recently read the book of Henrietta Lacks’ life story. It is a marvel that her cells have help with so much research on diseases: cancer, polio, etc. It’s a shame science had not come further in the 1950’s. John Hopkins Univ/hospital greatly benefited from her contribution.

  2. BomaiCruz says:

    thank you for your comments, I was one of the very first people to get my hand on a copy of the book “Henrietta Lacks”. Luckily for me, I won it and the author, Rebeca Scloots was there to personally sign my copy. It is one of my most prized pocessions

  3. Yvonne Pollard says:

    This is a fascinating story!! HeLa cells are so unusual. I hope it will determine a cure for Leukemia by targeting gene markers. I am anxious to see the new upcoming HBO movie about her life and story that Opra Winfrey will be playing the role as Henrietta

  4. BomaiCruz says:

    Thank you for this. I met Rebecca Skloot a few years back and in fact had my copy of the book autographed by her. Back then I was aware of plans to make a movie, only didn’t know the details of it. I am excited to learn of Opra playing the role of Henrietta, cant wait 🙂

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