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China makes Debut in Deep Sea Science

China has made its position in deep sea exploration known to the world after officially welcoming its newest deep sea submersible, Jiaolong. ┬áThis 27-foot, 22 ton sub was designed to reach depths of 23,000 feet (7,000 meters) and already has … Continue reading

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Collecting DNA from Cetacean Blow

Advancements in molecular biology especially after Kary Mullis invented a method of amplifying DNA by Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR), has seen the scientific world gone crazy trying to understand extinction, evolution and speciation. The usual practice of using biopsy samples … Continue reading

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Zebra Moray Eel Zebra Moray Eel in Aquarium from Captive Aquatics on Vimeo.

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Creature Feature: Mole Crab

A friend of mine recently posted these pictures on Facebook and out of curiosity I set off to find out what strange creature this was. A brief history, my friend was walking on Carolina beach, Wilmington and saw this strange … Continue reading

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Quarter Collection Update

Last week I posted an update on the quarter collection quest I was on where I made special mention of young Elliot Zelnio for donating some quarters to my collection. Well, this time, its my friends from the Southern Fried … Continue reading

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How do we differentiate between species?

When I started working with DNA sequences to determine population structure and species diversity, the first things that set in my mind were to keep the DNA sequences as long as possible and also that a single base pair change … Continue reading

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Quarter Collection Update

A week ago I posted a plea to help collect different US quarters. Many gave advice on how to go about doing it and some even recommended coin albums that I could buy, but I wanted to see how many … Continue reading

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Worlds Deepest Hydrothermal vent Discovered

I was recently out on an off shore exploration cruise where I was part of a team hunting for hydrothermal vent plume signatures in the water column. The entire cruise was three months long and involved two exploration cruises with … Continue reading

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