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Deep Sea Mining resurfaces

Talks of the potential for deep sea mining are back on the discussion table. Here is a very good interview with different scientists both for and against deep sea mining for Mangenese nodules and Seafloor massive sulphide deposits. (Listen here)

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Nautilus’ under-sea mining plan proposal

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Mining the Ocean Floor in Papua New Guinea The Deep Sea Mining Campaign is claiming pacific communities are against experimental seabed mining but their governments are not listening. ┬áThe campaign is claiming thorough research has not been conducted on the … Continue reading

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Deep sea mining in doubt as new discoveries continue

The Deep Sea has once again returned to the lime light, this time in contrasting scenarios. First up, there is a lot of talk about Canadian mining company Nautilus minerals threatening to delay or worse cancel its operations in Papua … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Environmentalist

I always believed that Papua New Guinea (PNG) was one of the few places in the world today with its natural environment in tact and many people who have been to PNG will agree with me on this. Yet, in … Continue reading

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Seabed Mining Update

Mining of precious minerals from the seafloor of Manus basin in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has recently been hot on the radar of this blog and on tweeter (for those who follow me @BomaiCruz) since the invitation to the┬álicence granting … Continue reading

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