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New Herbrides trench explored

A new expedition into the New Herbrides trench has turned up some intriguing finds which could end up adding to the little knowledge we already have of the mysteries of the deep sea. In a recent post on the BBC … Continue reading

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Shark Mystery sparks bigger questions in WA marine hotspot

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Deep Divers

Found this rather interesting information while researching for deep diving animals. If you are interested, I did post an article related to this before (read more). So here is a pictorial depiction of our deep diving neighbours. Source:LiveScience

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Beneath Kimbe Bay, a perfect natural wonder

Extracts from “Coral Crucible” by Din Silcock – Airlines PNG inflight magazine vol 22, 2012 Surveys by famous marine biologists like Professor Charles Veron and Dr Jerry Allen and respected organisations like The Nature Conservancy, have helped to establish a … Continue reading

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Mining the Ocean Floor in Papua New Guinea The Deep Sea Mining Campaign is claiming pacific communities are against experimental seabed mining but their governments are not listening. ┬áThe campaign is claiming thorough research has not been conducted on the … Continue reading

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Finding the Squid in a squidworm

The deep sea has once again revealed one of its many secrets, this time unveiling an intriguing new annelid, Teuthidodrilus samae, a.k.a squidworm.┬áThis unique creature was caught in 2007 at the western Celebes sea, a body of water surrounded by … Continue reading

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