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2015 HSC performance of PNG secondary and national high schools

As most of us welcome the new year with much enthusiasm and ambition, many young Papua New Guineans and their families greet the dawn of a new year with stress and anxiety for this also marks what is probably the most … Continue reading

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Living in a museum

I travel a lot for business, but of all the places I’ve been to, I must admit the New Guinea Islands (NGI) hold a soft spot for me. Tropical sunshine, warm crystal clear waters, superb fishing, lush tropical vegetation, white … Continue reading

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Interview with Erika Bergman, Robogirl

The students from PNG were amazingly respectful and gracious hosts for us in their country. Meet Erika Bergman, an enthusiastic ocean explorer, scuba diver, ROV pilot, manned submersible pilot, good friend and co-author in my most recent publication on Robots … Continue reading

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Robots as vectors for marine invasions and 5 guidelines to address this

A recent publication on “Robots as vectors for marine invasions” was compiled by a group of scientists from their experiences working with observation class micro-ROVs and the possible threats these new tools of the trade pose for marine conservation. It all … Continue reading

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Update on Missing Scientists

About a year and three months ago, a post on the case of five research scientists who had mysteriously disappeared in the waters of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea was reported on this blog. (see post) At that time the … Continue reading

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38 yeard old, but still being told what to do

A deal was signed at 5pm on a Friday afternoon when most people were on their way to their houses for the weekend. The deal (can download copy here), Australia, closing its doors to immigerants who travel to Australia by … Continue reading

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Missing in the line of duty: Mysterious case of 5 missing scientists in Papua New Guinea

A little over a year ago, five Papua New Guinean scientists together with a boat operator and one extra person perished in the seas of West New Britain. These five were members of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Institute of … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Environmentalist

I always believed that Papua New Guinea (PNG) was one of the few places in the world today with its natural environment in tact and many people who have been to PNG will agree with me on this. Yet, in … Continue reading

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Cryptic PNG: Iguanodon

Sightings of a large creature in 2004 just outside Kokopo, the provincial capital of East New Britain, Papua New Guinea (PNG) created headlines in the local media and had just as much effect when it was picked up by various … Continue reading

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