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Why Licensing of Solwara 1 project was deferred

For those of you who have been following the recent near licensing of deep sea mining in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and were wondering why it was deferred, here is the latest I have on the matter. There has been … Continue reading

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Human Livers created in the lab

Human organs engineered in the lab and this time not by growing it on animals but by using animal organs to create it. As presented in Sunday’s American Association for the study of liver disease in Boston, a groundbreaking technique … Continue reading

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Worlds Deepest Hydrothermal vent Discovered

I was recently out on an off shore exploration cruise where I was part of a team hunting for hydrothermal vent plume signatures in the water column. The entire cruise was three months long and involved two exploration cruises with … Continue reading

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Help BomaiCruz collect Quarters from the US

BomaiCruz has always been fascinated about the fact that the United States seem to have so many different 25 cents (quarter) pieces, probable one from each state and territory. It has become a challenge in the last few weeks as … Continue reading

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Carbon time

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