Fish with genitals on its head

So yes, nature does have many ways of showing your love and of course making sure your genes are successfully passed on to ensure the survival of your kind. Having said this, a new fish species found in the Mekong river in Vietnam has its gonads on its head!

A more forward approach <i>(Image: L.X. Tran)</i>

Male specimen with gonads under its chin.

ImagineĀ making out with your head. Well, this is not the only fish to be doing this, but is part of a larger group called the Antherinomorpha, which includes many other species with modified fins that transfer fins.


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2 Responses to Fish with genitals on its head

  1. Gideon Pama says:

    Talk about using you head, your physically using both heads at the same time!

  2. BomaiCruz says:

    Having a hard time contemplating what you mean but I like the way you thinik

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