Cryptic PNG: Iguanodon

"head of a dog and tail of a crocodile," this picture would closely resemble what they were describing

Sightings of a large creature in 2004 just outside Kokopo, the provincial capital of East New Britain, Papua New Guinea (PNG) created headlines in the local media and had just as much effect when it was picked up by various news agencies the world over. Eye witness reports claimed the animal was just under 10 feet tall, grey in color with the head of a dog and the tail of a crocodile. As ridiculous as it might sound, these were village people and that was the best description they could give to describe what they had seen.

This was not the first time such a creature was sighted in PNG. Five years earlier (1999), at the opposite end of PNG similar sightings were made by people living around Lake Murray in the Western Province on two separate occasions.  Witnesses of these sightings were able to give a more detailed description of the animal. According to witness statements, the animal had the same features as those that were later described in Kokopo. At the time of sighting, the animal was wading is shallow water. It had very stalky  hind legs that it was standing on and a pair of smaller fore limbs.

What could this mysterious creature have been? The closest thing to resemble this animal is the Iguanodon although this dinosaur is said to have disappeared a long time ago. Could it be that the jungles, lakes and seas of PNG are hiding one of the greatest mysteries of this world? Was it a hoax that was cleverly put together by the locals? The answers to these questions remain to be answered.

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  1. BomaiCruz says:

    [New Post] Cryptic PNG: Iguanodon – via #twitoaster

  2. Couldn’t it just have been a big-ass crocodile?

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