New plans to contain oil spill

Since the explosion of BP’s offshore platform some 6 weeks ago, plans to contain the leakage and keep it reaching the shores have all but failed. To date, 7 different techniques have been tried, ranging from burning the burning the oil on the sea surface to pumping waste material down the pipe to even placing a dome over the leakage have all failed terribly.  BP’s most recent attempt was the ‘top-kill’ method that was tried last weekend and like everything else before it, it too has failed.

With the spill growing by hour and the hurricane season drawing near in the fragile Gulf, and BP losing its shares and possibly its major market, it would be very interesting to see what the company can come up with that would save face. BP now claims to have plans 8 and 9 in place and will be commencing soon.

New BP Plans

In fact, they already have robots in the water working on it. The plan now is to cut the pipe at the end of the riser. This will let out more oil into the sea, but the next step would be to lower a dome over the riser and siphon the oil to the surface where it would be loaded onto tankers. While petroleum experts are saying they are 80% sure of the plans success rate, one would come to wonder if this was the best way to go, why didn’t anyone think of this before?

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  2. Katie says:

    The entire issue will be extremely disastrous for the ocean and for the global market in a number of clashing points. This problem could have been retricted however these accidents occur. BP should be held responsible for this unfortunate spill.

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